New House!!!!!!

I shifted to a new house 1 week ago! I have a basement, 1st floor and 2nd floor!!!!!before I used to live in a apartment so this house is very big I still miss my friends😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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International Space Station

Yesterday we saw the ISS, also known as the International Space Station! It all started when me and my dad were talking about space while walking our dog, Bruno, when suddenly, we see a moving star. β€œ What is that β€œ I asked. β€œ It might be a UFO! No it is not a UFO, […]

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Virtual Life

Virtual Life is hard! For me, I still have online school but it is not the same. So I have some activities that you can do! *Spend sometime with your family! Maybe play a game, me and my family played hangman together and it was fun! *Walk your dog!!! *Go for a drive These things […]

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Thanksgiving Break 2019

This year, Thanksgiving was really very special as we got to spend good time with my cousin Rey and his family who visited us from Philadelphia. This was also my first Thanksgiving celebration in USA. Although, the celebration was slightly marred by a heavy snowfall which dampened the festive moods. We had loads of plans […]

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